Research and Technology at Amirkabir

The defining characteristic of a 3rd generation university is that everything revolves around research and expansion of technology. The mission of research and technology administration of Amirkabir University of Technology is to establish and embed the concept of innovation in the fabric of the university. This university is dedicated to embrace the type of innovation concept that spans from the original idea to the finished product /process/technology, and direct and revolve the overall activities of the university towards it.

Therefore, The Deputy of Research and Technology Administration of the university is responsible to establish administrative and implementation procedures, organize special expertise panels, design the organizational hierarchy, build the infrastructure, procure the necessary material and equipment, and develop a re-engineering system in a way that makes sure the concept of innovation has been systematically embedded in the fabric of the university. The impact of such planning and implementation on the national level will be the eventual industrial expansion in the country, and the elevation of prestige and standing of Amirkabir University worldwide. In this regard, the following is the planning components by Deputy of research and technology:

1- To provide continuous and perpetual improvement of research procedures to reduce waste of time, speed up the operations, and maximize the utilization of existing facilities and capabilities.

2- Expansion of infrastructures to support the “idea to product” concept.

3- To establish flexible and quick implementation structures to identify and expand technology, and produce knowledge- based products.

4- Establish world class research teams in the university by enhancing professional capabilities of faculty and students.

5- To motivate and entice the faculty and students to become more active within the innovation framework.

6- Communicate and provide information to the public about our status and possible opportunities in the innovation program of the university.

7- To elevate the national and international position of the university in order to create a more effective role in the national innovation movement.

8- Secure necessary financial resources to support the expansion of innovation program.

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