Designing intelligent cloud systems for early diagnosis of diseases and investigation of drug interaction

Researchers of a company located at Innovation Center of the Electrical Engineering Faculty have developed applications based on [...]

2020-11-10T10:51:02+03:30October 20th, 2020|news|

Water treatment of oil fields by researchers of Amirkabir University of Technology

Chemical engineering researchers have succeeded in developing a biological process in which, halophile bacteria existed in oil fields [...]

2020-11-10T11:00:28+03:30October 20th, 2020|news|

3D and electrochemical treatment of water resources/ its application in wastewater and underground water treatment

Researchers have designed a catalyst using nanotechnology for 3D and electrochemical water treatment which is also used in [...]

2020-11-10T10:43:35+03:30October 20th, 2020|news|

A step towards automatic increase in speed and accuracy of detection of fault location in seismography data

Maryam Nouri, PhD candidate and researcher of the project “automatic detection of fault in seismography data using Gaussian [...]

2020-11-10T10:57:05+03:30October 20th, 2020|news|

Implementation of intelligent drug delivery plan for cancer treatment with a drug from barberry extract by AUT researchers

Medical engineering researchers have tried to implement an intelligent and targeted drug delivery with a natural medicine from [...]

2020-11-10T11:06:10+03:30October 19th, 2020|Uncategorized|

Developing practical biosensors for the field of health and medical industry

Researchers of Textile Engineering Faculty have developed practical biosensors for the field of health and medical industry (prevention [...]

2020-11-10T10:54:21+03:30October 19th, 2020|news|