Designing intelligent cloud systems for early diagnosis of diseases and investigation of drug interaction

2020-11-10T10:51:02+03:30October 20th, 2020|news|

Researchers of a company located at Innovation Center of the Electrical Engineering Faculty have developed applications based on [...]

3D and electrochemical treatment of water resources/ its application in wastewater and underground water treatment

2020-11-10T10:43:35+03:30October 20th, 2020|news|

Researchers have designed a catalyst using nanotechnology for 3D and electrochemical water treatment which is also used in [...]

A step towards automatic increase in speed and accuracy of detection of fault location in seismography data

2020-11-10T10:57:05+03:30October 20th, 2020|news|

Maryam Nouri, PhD candidate and researcher of the project “automatic detection of fault in seismography data using Gaussian [...]